Pictures from the Fashion Focus Chicago

October 23, 2009

Sorry for the blog silence…it’s been pure craziness gearing up for our huge show last night!  Here are some of the pictures (I do not have them all right now, but will post as soon as I can!).

close up red dress

green dress

one shoulder





4 Responses to “Pictures from the Fashion Focus Chicago”

  1. Marla said

    I fellin love with your dresses at the Macy’s runway show on Thursday night.
    The red floral dress was my Favorite!!! Are you selling them in stores yet somewhere in Chicago?

    • audacitydresses said

      Thank you! I love that red dress too! The dresses will be available online at and also in Chicago area boutiques. Check the site for more information! Thanks again! Glad you enjoyed the show!

  2. Jess! These new designs are GORGEOUS! So sad I couldn’t make it to your show… *love* the new lookbook preview shot by R. Hanel too! xoxo Leanne

  3. Jackie said

    Love the new designs! The one shoulder one in particular is awesome! You rock!

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